Jon Youshaei

The Insider.

For 8 years, I worked inside YouTube and Instagram helping creators and brands grow their audience and income.

Now, I’m a creator with 1M+ followers, journalist for Forbes, and consult Fortune 500 brands.

For 8 years, I worked inside Instagram and YouTube where I was Head of Creator Product Marketing.

I helped many creators and brands grow — and launched products you use on social media everyday.

I know how it works from the inside. 

That’s why shortly after leaving, I was able to:

Did I have an unfair advantage? 100%.

It’s time you get an insider’s edge, too.

No guessing. No gurus. Just growth.


Make Your Event Unforgettable

From Walmart to The Wharton School, I’ve given keynotes at companies, colleges, and conferences who rated my session as their event highlight.

NPR also put me in their Best Commencement Speeches list alongside Steve Jobs, Stephen Colbert, and JFK.

I give it my all. I tailor my speeches to your event. I meet with your team before. I show up early.

Beyond keynotes, I can also host your event, run workshops, and interview anyone to share their best insights. All while keeping it entertaining and educational.

Have an event coming up? I’d love to learn more.

Past Speaking Clients
"Jon is re-writing the rulebook for video creativity"

 Past Videos 

“If anyone has cracked the code to going viral, it’s Jon Youshaei”


Hands-On Help

400+ clients have hired me to consult on their content strategy, product roadmap, scaling their team, cutting costs, and more.

Book a 60 minute session (where I prepare and research beforehand) or monthly package where we meet and track progress regularly.

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Over A Decade, Distilled

Insider Accelerator is my 90 day coaching program for creators. It distills my 10 years of experience into specific tips, tools, and techniques.

You’ll join my live workshops where I answer your questions, review your content, provide detailed feedback and hopefully save you years of mistakes.

I keep each cohort small to give attention to everyone who joins.

 One Last Thing 

We do packaged deals where you can hire me to consult, speak at your event, and/or make content about your brand. Fill out the form below and I’ll reply back asap.